Bosetti Global Consulting, wishing to meet the requirements of its clients ever better, in terms of both specialization and speed of response, has launched a Legal Firm Platform able to provide rapid, high quality services which meet all expectations with regard to legal matters.

ongoing legal service

  • legal analysis
  • legal service of investment projects
  • drafting any type of agreement and document
  • representing clients at negotiations, meetings and conversations
  • representing clients before public, arbitration courts, bodies of governmental and local governmental authorities
  • granting legal advice
  • collecting receivables
  • eviewing commercial agreements
  • business mediation and mediation in civil matters including procedures conducted by court mediator

legal services in the scope of the commercial companies code

  • incorporation and transformation of commercial companies, registration proceedings before the National Court Register (KRS), liquidation
  • legal analysis of the articles of association
  • preparing documentation related to the function of commercial code companies, creating and amending agreements, regulations, establishing and transforming corporate bodies, preparing draft protocols and resolutions e.g. protocols and resolutions on approval of Financial Statements, profit allocation, loss coverage, continued existence of the company, granting a vote of confidence confirming discharge of duties, appointing and dismissing members of the Management Board, payment of dividends, remuneration for members of the Management Board, approval for disposal / acquisition of shares or real estate, changes in the Articles of Association etc.
  • granting legal advice in the scope of problems emerged in relation to the functioning of commercial code companies, connected with, among others, adopting resolutions.
  • full service in the scope of reporting changes to the KRP related to the economic trade of commercial code companies
  • conducting processes related to the merging and division of commercial code companies, with the application of all legally admissible solutions

legal service in the scope of labor law

  • incorporation and transformation of commercial companies, registration proceedings before the National Court Register (KRS), liquidation
  • legal analysis of the articles of association
  • drafting legal opinions in the case of interpretation issues emerged in the light of applicable provisions of law
  • drafting legal acts in the scope of labor law applicable for employers, or modifying them to meet employer expectations
  • constant cooperation in the scope of granting legal information related to the ongoing application and observance of labor law

real estate audits covering areas indicated by the client

  • analysis of legal state and state of facts revealed in land register and land register files
  • verification of land register content
  • analysis of issues related to pre-emptive and/or buy-back rights
  • reporting real estate financial burdens from tax and Social Security receivables
  • analysis of real estate in terms of applying the provisions of the Environment Protection Act
  • analyses of building permits and permits for using buildings
  • checking the availability of service providers and agreements concluded with network administrators
  • verification of all issues related to the necessity to obtain potential permits for the purchase of real estate

supervising and conducting cases in the scope of environmental protection law, including waste administration

  • substitution in administration and court-administration proceedings
  • preparing applications for issuing decisions on the scope of environmental protection
  • constant advisory for entrepreneurs wanting to keep any systems which have an impact on the environment and dealing with recycling (including recycling from land re-cultivation), neutralization, transport and the collection of waste

legal service in the scope of industrial property and protection of copyright and similar

  • preparation of draft agreements concerning the transfer of rights and the granting of licenses, as well as agreements concerning the creation of particular acts for the purpose of advertising, film and architectural activity
  • participation in negotiations concerning the above said agreements
  • assistance to clients in the case of any infringement of IP rights they are eligible for – participation in negotiations, the preparation of claims and the conducting of court cases