Operational Programme Intelligent Development

The OP Intelligent Development aims to boost innovation in the Polish economy.

For enterprises, this translates into an increase in R&D investments. The main idea behind the programme is to support implementation of the entire innovation process, from conception of an idea, through the R&D stage, and on to commercialization of R&D results i.e. launching a product or service.

The motto of the programme is: Support for projects from idea to market. The programme is primarily aimed at entrepreneurs intending to implement innovative projects related to research and development, modern technologies, investments of strategic importance to the economy or intending to implement or use information and communication technologies. The programme aims to support broadly conceived innovation.

OP Intelligent Development supports product, process, marketing and organizational innovations which directly or indirectly contribute to the creation and development of innovative businesses.

Support under the Programme is provided irrespective of the target sector or industry. However, the Programme does not cover local or regional level innovations which are promoted and supported under Regional Operational Programmes and Operational Programme Development of Eastern Poland. Therefore, the Programme is intended for projects that are innovative at least on a national or international level.

Businesses may apply for funding under Operational Programme Intelligent Development through competitions covering the following measures: