Lower Silesia’s territory covers around 20 thousand square kilometers, accounting for 6.4% of Poland’s territory. It is inhabited by three million people (around 7.6% of the country’s population). This region is strongly urbanized, with 90 cities (10.2% of all cities in Poland) and more than 300,000 economic entities operating in the region, of which 5,800 use foreign capital. The number of such companies is growing continuously and the unemployment rate in the region shows a stable negative tendency.

Lower Silesia is an attractive location for industrial investment opportunities. This attraction comes through a combination of economic benefits, such as a reduced investment input compared with other countries and a low level of company expense, all of which helps to facilitate the maximization of profits and the minimization of risk.

Lower Silesia, according to an annual report issued by the FDI Magazine of the Financial Times Group, is among the top investment locations in Europe.